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Subject: Secrets To Achieving a Healthy Brite White Smile.

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Have you ever wondered why it is that some people seem to have “perfect teeth?” They walk into a room and it lights up as soon as they show those pearly whites.

They always seem to be overflowing with confidence and self-esteem too, don’t they? The excitement and enthusiasm rolls off them as easily as water off a ducks back.

Take a look in the mirror. Could you use a “checkup from the neckup?” Sure, you brush and floss every day like your Mom taught you, don’t you? And you would never miss a regular visit with your dentist, right?

That’s what I thought.

Life seems to get away from us doesn’t it? We get so busy with daily activity that we overlook some pretty important stuff. Put on and take off a pound here or there. Try a new hairstyle. Make sure we “look good and smell good” to people around us.

We get by.

What if you could do more than just “get by?” Brite White Smile 1 Image.

Hmmm. Beautiful smile. . .self-esteem. . .wonder if there’s a missing link somewhere in there?

Imagine having the kind of confidence that builds your self-esteem, empowering you with an attitude of possibility thinking and acting.

Well you can and you can do it now. Maybe your teeth are in good condition but are they as pretty as they can be? Grab a copy of “Secrets To A Healthy White Smile” and learn what more you can do to improve that smile. Brite White Smile 2 Image.

If you are someone who knows their appearance can be improved with a little attention to the details “Secrets To A Healthy White Smile” is the answer for you as well.

· Learn the latest innovations in good dental health.

· Discover what you need to know about piercing your tongue BEFORE it’s too late

· Where did the first toothbrush come from

· Why is a dry mouth hazardous to your health

· Why 60% of all American don’t have a clue

· The dangers behind sports and fitness beverages

· The right way to choose a dentist.

· Are you braced, bridged or bonded

· Pregnancy and your teeth

· How to beat the daily grind

Brite White Smile 3 Image. This revealing ebook will give you a first hand look at the best way for you to boost your morale and skyrocket your attitude. If you look good. . .you feel good! If you look BETTER. . .you perform BETTER!

If you have been trying to pinpoint one area of your life that could singularly launch you on a new road to success, you’ve found it. A new suit won’t do it. A new pair of shoes won’t work either.

But. . .a new YOU will!

Here are some of the chapters into this new book:

In The Beginning
Good Dental Health Care
How Teeth Become Discolored
How To Have A Beautiful Smile
Selecting A Dentist
Cosmetic Dentistry
Good to Know

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