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If you could ask a nutrition specialist any question, what would you ask? Would you ask questios like these?

What is the difference between nutrients and food stuffs?

How does one go about breaking years and years of bad eating habits?

Do you think that much of those eating habits are linked to emotions?

Is it true then that you can eat more and lose weight by combining different foods?

Are there any specific foods that burn fat?

What should we be counting? Should we be counting calories carbohydrates or fat?

Insider Nutrition Secrets 4 Image. Just what is a well balanced diet?

Why is that we sometimes crave certain foods? Can it be that your body is sending you a message?

Do we become hungry because our stomach is empty or is it because of something else?

What are “functional foods”?

Is it true that nutrients decrease the risk of some diseases?

We are told that the body processes foods via three different methods. Those methods are digestion, absorption and transport. Can you explain each of these methods beginning with digestion?

What are some of the other sources of protein?

For years we have heard about good LDL and bad LDL. Is it true that there are good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates?

If someone were looking for a particular weight loss plan or group should they look for one with the availability to partner with someone?

Does food lose its nutritive value over time?

"Thank you for writing a book like this. Finally my questions were answered in a clear and understandable way." - K.D.U.

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