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Subject: What you should know about bodybuilding.

"How To Sculpt Your Body From A Body Building Expert”

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Have you ever felt like a “low weight weakling?” Were you one of those kids in high school who hated gym class because you knew your skinny little limbs would be exposed to everyone?

Or maybe you were on the other end of the scale. An overweight kid who was always the brunt of the “fat jokes” and rarely included in anything?

"Interview With A BodyBuilder" has 42 pages of valuable information for all persons. Here is one small section:

Q - What are some of the most important insider tips you can give us?

A – Sure, be happy to.

1. A lot of the things you and going to read in the muscle building magazines and web sites have a lot of misinformation. A lot of them are going to recommend “over training”. You will end up burning more muscle than you are building.

2. Also I personally believe in getting a lot of protein. I think that is absolutely necessary for building muscle.

3. Also a lot of magazines will say to drink water but they won’t say how much. I would say that 1 to 2 gallons a day once you get really serious about it. I try to get 2 gallons a day.

4. Get a physical before you begin your bodybuilding program. You need to be in good health before you begin.

5. Remember, body will respond differently. There is no one set plan that will work for everybody. So if you lose persistence or get discouraged easily you are not going to go on long enough to figure out what it is that’s going to get you quick results.

6. If you don’t already, start another sport to help fill in between your workouts. Running and swimming are good and will get and keep your heart pumping.

7. By all means, remember to eat healthy!

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