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Subject: How to Ease Your Allergies.

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What are Allergies?

Stories of friends and family members unable to enjoy certain foods, participate in activities, or participate in particular environments are all too common.

In fact, 50 million Americans are estimated to have allergies. This means that a great number of people live with certain lifestyle 'limitations' by what we've come to know as an allergy, which is what an adverse reaction by the immune system to any foreign substance is called.

Allergies 2 Image. There is no clear apparent medical reason why people contract allergies, but one thing remains clear: the condition is indiscriminate in its coverage and may affect us regardless of age, gender, or race. Commonly, however, the allergy manifests in our infancy or childhood, although some symptoms may appear at any age or may reappear after any period of apparent inactivity.

Most allergies are largely insignificant and may be dealt with by simple lifestyle choices; however, there is a possibility of them either adversely affecting our daily life, or perhaps life-threatening conditions.

This is the reason why we must first understand how an allergic reaction happens, and more importantly, what we can do by ourselves or with the help of a doctor to detect allergies. In such a way, we will be able to make sure we are not on the threshold of any harm, but also enjoy life without having to worry about dramatic allergic reactions.

When allergies come to the fore, we usually say that it has been 'triggered', implying that the body has been exposed to a 'trigger' that activated the allergy from within. These 'triggers', known as potential allergens, may be animal fur and dander, feathers, mites, house dust, pollen, cockroach droppings, insect stings, chemicals (like perfumes, and even our everyday cosmetics like shampoos and soaps!) and dyes, medication, synthetic fiber, and a huge variety of food and drinks.

Allergies 3 Image. In the event of an allergy, our immune system, which normally wards off unwanted foreign substances in our bodies like parasites, bacteria, and dirt, mistakenly identifies common harmless objects (what we have identified as allergens earlier on) as something it must destroy. It then releases antibodies that cause bodily manifestations or 'symptoms'.

Knowing what happens in our bodies, we can now better understand how to detect allergies when possible symptoms surface. In essence, we are familiar with some common symptoms that have been associated with allergies.

These include swollen, red, itchy lumps in the skin, tissue swelling, runny nose, rash, hives, watery or itchy eyes, and sneezing. Alone or in various combinations, you may consider these as symptoms of allergies if, when repeatedly exposed to certain substances, your body manifests any of the prior conditions. Some people, for example, notice increased appearance of these symptoms over seasonal changes.

These seasonal allergies may help you learn more about what particular allergens are being triggered. An allergic reaction that you may experience only upon the arrival of Spring may imply that you are allergic to grass, pollen, or a variety of other natural substances you may encounter when you are enjoying some outdoor activities that you only engage in during the Spring. Seasonal allergies are discussed in depth.

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