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Hi Friend,
Are You in some form of business on the Internet?
Are You offering a product or service over the Internet?
Are You wondering what You can do to increase Your visitors to Your web pages?
Are You able to afford a few minutes per week to get Your special advertising message out to others?

Do You know:

ADVERTISINGTIPS is a weekly online newsletter that will give you these and 100s of other marketing, promotion and advertising tips. We have over 30 years in the computer field and have been with the Internet almost from its beginning. After trying 100s of ways to market products and services, we can tell You in practical ways, what works and what does not work.

Filling OrdersImagine sitting down each day at Your PC and opening your emailbox to discover 100's of orders waiting for You to fill. Sounds hard to believe? Not when You apply these weekly ADVERTISINGTIPS.

Each week You will receive practical, sensible tips with examples, on how to increase your profits on the internet. ADVERTISINGTIPS can be applied immediately without additional padded cost. ADVERTISINGTIPS easily save You 100s of hours of trial and error and frustration.

These ADVERTISINGTIPS are not some tips collected from some books. These are guaranteed tried and true ADVERTISINGTIPS that will help You make money the first time you try them. Each week you will get little known ADVERTISINGTIPS secrets to promote, market and advertise Your products and services over the internet and You will see immediate results.

ADVERTISINGTIPS is presented in a straight forward, easy-to-understand manner for the layman. You will not have to second guess what is being said. You will not need to learn the internet language to implement these ADVERTISINGTIPS. When needed, examples will be shown to You. ADVERTISINGTIPS will show You how to point Your PC browser to the right locations on the internet to take advantage of what will work for You. ADVERTISINGTIPS will give You tips for emailing, web sites and pages, newsgroups, classifies and lots more that You can apply right away.

Why is ADVERTISINGTIPS offered on a weekly basis? Because daily tips are just too much and too many to implement. Monthly tips are too few and it's too long to wait. Weekly ADVERTISINGTIPS allow You adequate time to reflect on the material and customize it to Your internet sales materials.

Each week You will get up-to-the-minute new ADVERTISINGTIPS on what works and what should not be used in Your marketing campaign. ADVERTISINGTIPS will explain the why's and why not's on different types of marketing effort and techniques. Find out locations on the internet that will maximize Your business exposure and where You can obtain free and almost free software to use in Your marketing and advertising efforts.

Much of the information You see posted (and emailed to You) over the internet, is just not true! If You tried some of those advices, You know. ADVERTISINGTIPS reports ONLY what really works, not what someone thinks should work or someone's marketing theory.

Let the others waste their time with the "trial and error" marketing. By using these weekly ADVERTISINGTIPS, You will have an unfair advantage over all your competitors. You will be the winner and You will have the peace of mind knowing You are putting Your time to the best use. Wouldn't You agree that even if just one ADVERTISINGTIPS made you money, Your subscription cost would be well worth it?

Have you ever opened Your emailbox and received orders for hundreds of dollars? I have! Just today I opened my emailbox and received an order for $599.90 that took me less than 5 minutes to fill. Have You ever open Your mailbox at home and it was loaded with orders? I have! Again, just today I received an order for $396.95 that took me about 2 minutes to fill. You can have the same experiences when You apply ADVERTISINGTIPS to Your marketing efforts. And their so easy to implement. Even one of these ADVERTISINGTIPS can bring You 100s or 1,000s of dollars in orders. (Oh by the way, these orders I received were not the result of spamming!)

This is an amazing offer. Don't let another week go by without ADVERTISINGTIPS. Start receiving Your ADVERTISINGTIPS by email this very week. Complete the simple subscription form below.

Let me make this interesting challenge to you. Can you fill in the blanks below?

  1. Email: To email to AOL users, set Your Bcc to ______ . You can also change the domain to ______, ______ and ______ and reach 70% of aol users.
  2. ISP: To check the status of the Internet traffic, link to http://www.______.______.
  3. WWW: To keep a visitor on Your web page, ______ all ______ to ______ ______.
  4. SW: To increase the internet speed of Your current equipment, You can use the Free software utility called ______ and download it from ______.
  5. WWW: Never use ______ on Your home page for ______ ______ to use.
Can't answer these important questions?
Robert Major

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